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“Our goal at Savvy Millennial is to make the future less scary by dispelling myths and clearly communicating the value of new technology. After years in design firms, startups, and corporations, we wanted to build something different — an agile consultancy with expert teams around the globe. A data-driven group that prioritizes brain power over big budgets. Empaths who are passionate about products that add value to the world. We’re not pretentious creatives, we still get our hands dirty, and at our core, we’re a diverse family of nerds eager to help.”
Savannah Peterson

Who Are We?

We are an agile, global team that is eager to go to market with you. We are a launch tool kit of services to help build your reputation, sales and brand awareness.

Who Are You?

Established brands, rising startups, and renowned thought leaders – all trust Savvy with their go to market strategy for new technology.

Our Process

We are a diverse and adaptive team of strategists in the trenches with you. We are design thinkers at heart, and our process reflects that. We know that a community member is more than a consumer, they care about your brand and product beyond the transaction.

Listen & Empathize

We’ll start wherever you are. From blue sky brainstorms to help worldwide roll-outs, we hit the ground running, and integrate with any teams or partners you already have in place.

We then explore and define how we can best add value to your efforts.

Test & Refine

We test content on our target communities, letting the data drive our iteration.

We adjust based on our insights, creating clear communications for maximum potency moving forward.

Execute & Impact
We will amplify your message in the markets that matter most, impacting your highest ROI customer or future ambassador.

Our Solutions

Savvy Millennial gives your community the tools they need to grow. We leverage launch hype to empower your fans, your digital, and in-person ambassadors. We help you earn, and sustain, the reputation you deserve.

Go to Market Strategy
Translate your tech into language the market will love
Community Building
Online and in-person, let’s meet your fans where they are
Thought Leadership
Elevate the work of your team and internal voices
Brand Development
Establish an identity that represents your mission
Create assets and content that convey your value to the world
New Product Messaging
Advocacy starts with a solid foundation

And so much more… reach out to dive deeper.

Looking for an event speaker, emcee/MC, moderator, or host? Check out Savannah Peterson’s speaking website here.

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